All But Dead (ABD), created by Sarah Houghton, currently appears twice weekly in the  Utah
Statesman.  All But Dead is about Randall Talbot, a doctoral student who is unrealistically
optimistic about how long it will take him to complete his degree, his wife Amy, who is
trying to lead a normal life despite the fact that her husband is a chronic student, and their
two kids, Joey and Lily.

The title All But Dead comes from the term All But Dissertation, generally used to describe
the following state of irony:  the three letters ABD mean, to the doctoral candidate, that he or
she is highly educated and is researching something that mere mortals could never
comprehend; to everyone else, ABD means that the doctoral candidate has wasted a
decade or more of his or her life and still doesn't have the credentials to get a good enough
job to pay off the student loans!  To everyone who chooses to laugh instead of cry, I say,
"Happy reading!"